Winter on the Farm

We had such a good time filming with Channel 5 for the last episode of Winter on the Farm. When we first arrived, we were ferried on golf buggies up to the set for our soundcheck. The floor manager kept us entertained, and everything went well.

In the foreground are some empty chairs and a firepit. The TV set is in the background. It is night time, there are lots of lights.
After our soundcheck

There’s quite a lot of sitting/standing about waiting when you are filming apparently. We were happy to have an opportunity for a good chinwag and catch up!

After a very tasty tea and lots of hot drinks, it was time to head down for filming. It was even colder than it looks, but we did get hand warmers!

In between our two pieces, we were able to watch from behind the scenes. It was fascinating to see how everything worked together so seamlessly.

In the foreground are some large animal pens. There is a long horned cow in the closest one. Behind the barn is the TV set - the backs of the presenters are in the centre of the shot, and there are cameras visible. The set is dressed with Christmas trees.
Behind the Scenes

The presenters kindly came over for a photo when everything was finished. What a fabulous way to spend an afternoon/evening!

The whole band stands in a semi circle, in uniform holding their instruments. The Channel 5 presenters are in front. Elvin, on the left, has a Santa hat on.
That’s a wrap!

Time to go and get our coats and hats back on and warm up. Maybe one last look at the animals.

Watch us here on My5.