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Christmas 2020

It’s been a very different Christmas this year, but Cawthorne Brass Band have still been out playing carols.

Small groups, distanced, with bell covers. We can adapt!

We’ve had two weekends of carolling, and have really enjoyed bringing a bit of Christmas cheer to the local area.

Members of Cawthorne Band are playing in a distanced line across the street. The sky is a beautiful yellow in the background - the beginning of sunset

Our trip to Hall Green in Wakefield was particularly special, as it was by special request from a band friend and follower, Dr Neil Verner. He has Motor Neurone disease, and is currently developing a new treatment for Motor Neurone Disease.

The Band have donated £100 towards his GoFundME campaign, where he hopes to raise the £95,000 needed to fund this life saving research.

All that remains to be said is that, this year especially, we wish all of our Band friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Covid-19 – Band cancelled

I sincerely hope that you are all well at the start of a difficult time with coronavirus and possible isolation.
It has come to the point where unfortunately we need to cancel band rehearsals.
Some of our group may be considered high risk, some will want to avoid unnecessary outings and some may wish to continue as normal. It’s very likely that decisions will be out of our hands in the coming weeks so I’d like to think we are being prudent at this early opportunity and saving unnecessary worry.
Please keep in touch with one another through social media/ phones. Take care of yourselves, don’t worry about band and let’s hope we’re back together all fit and healthy as soon as possible.
We will let you all know as soon as anything changes.

Statement from Brass Bands England

Cawthorne Band at Christmas

What a Christmas we had!

Cawthorne Band had a wonderful festive period. We joined Cawthorne Choral Society for a spectacular Christmas Concert, ‘The Stars of Christmas’, with a great variety of music and even some enthusiastic audience participation.

We took part in the Cawthorne Christmas tree festival, with a theme of International peace. Each tree was themed around Christmas in a different country. Our tree had a Kenyan theme, decorated with black, green and red, the colours of the Kenyan flag, and many toy African animals:

Small christmas tree decorated with black, green and red, the colours of the Kenyan flag, and many toy African animals.
Our Kenyan Themed Christmas Tree

We enjoyed playing carols at the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ service, where all of the decorated trees were lit up.

There were many traditional carol sing-a-long occasions throughout December too, including lots of the old favourites, and some of the local carols.

Band members play carols in a pub, wearing festive clothes

We also enjoyed playing at Legacy Church Christmas service, where we even got some help from a passing elf!

The cornet section are in uniform, one wears a Christmas hat.

A boy dressed as an elf plays the Bass while Margaret smiles in the background

Merry Christmas everybody, and a Happy New Year!

Scarborough Day Trip

At the end of May, Cawthorne Brass Band and friends had a wonderful day out to Scarborough. It was really lovely to go out together on a coach trip to the seaside. Everyone had a lovely time at the beach, where ice cream and fish and chips were consumed, and at least one sandcastle was made. And of course, it wouldn’t be Scarborough without a donkey ride!

For the afternoon we moved on to the hidden gem that is The Scarborough Fair Collection. If you have never been, we all thoroughly recommend it. We had such a wonderful time looking at vehicles from years gone by, and riding on Fairground Rides dating back to 1893!

There was also an impressive collection of Mechanical Organs dating from the 1900s to 1984, and not just one, but two Wurlitzers!

After Scarborough Fair, we headed back to home on the coach, via a fantastic carvery in Wakefield.

An event that should definitely be repeated!

Our Sixties Extravaganza!

Last weekend, we took a step back in time, nearly 60 years, to the Swinging Sixties!

A shot of the band playing, taken from the back of the hall. You can see the bunting and glitter ball. the room is set for a party.
Cawthorne Brass Band do the sixties

Cawthorne Village Hall was transformed, ready for a good old-fashioned sixties shindig. There were sixties sweets, and drinks like cloudy lemonade, cream soda and bitter shandy. People were given a quiz sheet as they entered, and made themselves at home around the tables, ready for an entertaining night.

Everybody made a great effort with the costumes, it really made us feel we were back in the sixties. Alyson and Gwyn won the prize for best dressed on the night.

The cornet section is playing a piece
In full swing

After a few bits of sixties music, it was time for the fish sellers to bring around cockles and whelks – actually they served that good old party favourite, prawn cocktail.

2 men in white coats hold trays with small pots of prawn cocktail
Cockles and Whelks anyone?
The euphoniums and trombones, playing
A taste of sixties music

Everyone knows chips taste better out of a newspaper cone. I don’t know if it was that, or the amazing cooking skills of our resident ‘Chip King’, but they were certainly delicious!

Elvin is frying chips in 2 small chip fryers. There is a tray of chips by the side.
The best chips I’ve tasted in a long time! Cooked to perfection by our resident chip specialist, these chips were served in good old fashioned newspaper cones, as they should be!

Here Gwyn, dressed as a Cub Scout, and Rachel help to serve. Gwyn’s dedication to this costume won him a prize; it even includes a genuine badge that he wore in the sixties, when he was still in the Cubs.

A photo of the whole band. You can see MD, John Grinnell at the front, conducting.
Cawthorne Brass Band – sixties style

And to finish, no sixties party would be complete without Black Forest Gateaux

Nigel is wearing a stripy shirt and holding 2 bowls of Black Forest Gateaux
Nigel serving Black Forest Gateaux, a typical sixties dessert.

After all the music was finished, and all the delicious food eaten, there was just time to draw the raffle, and mark the quiz sheets. A wonderful evening. I hope our audience had as much fun as we did in the band!

The raffle prizes laid out on a table, featuring LPs, 60s sweets, Babycham, Old Spice, a knitted toilet roll cover, and more
The amazing 60s themed raffle

Goodbye Alan and Christine

On Thursday we said goodbye to long standing member Alan, and Christine who has been invaluable behind the scenes and supporting the band. They will both be missed.

They have shared this message:

Alan & I would like to Thank you all for our gift, and send off on Thursday. We have both enjoyed coming along and we were made welcome from the start, sure Alan will keep up playing and no doubt I will get involved with a new band somehow!!!

So, once again thank you, we shall miss you all, but will be following you to see where you are when we come to visit family. Best wishes, and good luck with the 60’s night.

Christine & Alan

Alan and Christine stand in front of the Cawthorne WI tapestry

All Saints Church, Darfield

Cawthorne Brass Band played an excellent concert at All Saints Church, Darfield at the end of November. A beautiful Saxon church, with great music, raising money for the church and for the 24th World Scout Jamboree at West Virginia, USA next year. £150 was raised towards the Church replacement bell tower ropes, and £140.52 for Megan’s Jamboree Fund.

Members of the band sit behind their music stands in the chruch
Cawthorne Band at All Saints Church, Darfield
the pews and stone arches of the church
The beautiful church

The longest standing member of the band, Elvin, celebrated his 70th birthday with a cake, candles and a special rendition of Happy Birthday.

band members stand with Elvin, one is holding a birthday cake lit up with candles
Elvin’s surprise 70th birthday cake