Christmas 2020

It’s been a very different Christmas this year, but Cawthorne Brass Band have still been out playing carols.

Small groups, distanced, with bell covers. We can adapt!

We’ve had two weekends of carolling, and have really enjoyed bringing a bit of Christmas cheer to the local area.

Members of Cawthorne Band are playing in a distanced line across the street. The sky is a beautiful yellow in the background - the beginning of sunset

Our trip to Hall Green in Wakefield was particularly special, as it was by special request from a band friend and follower, Dr Neil Verner. He has Motor Neurone disease, and is currently developing a new treatment for Motor Neurone Disease.

The Band have donated £100 towards his GoFundME campaign, where he hopes to raise the £95,000 needed to fund this life saving research.

All that remains to be said is that, this year especially, we wish all of our Band friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!