Our Sixties Extravaganza!

Last weekend, we took a step back in time, nearly 60 years, to the Swinging Sixties!

A shot of the band playing, taken from the back of the hall. You can see the bunting and glitter ball. the room is set for a party.
Cawthorne Brass Band do the sixties

Cawthorne Village Hall was transformed, ready for a good old-fashioned sixties shindig. There were sixties sweets, and drinks like cloudy lemonade, cream soda and bitter shandy. People were given a quiz sheet as they entered, and made themselves at home around the tables, ready for an entertaining night.

Everybody made a great effort with the costumes, it really made us feel we were back in the sixties. Alyson and Gwyn won the prize for best dressed on the night.

The cornet section is playing a piece
In full swing

After a few bits of sixties music, it was time for the fish sellers to bring around cockles and whelks – actually they served that good old party favourite, prawn cocktail.

2 men in white coats hold trays with small pots of prawn cocktail
Cockles and Whelks anyone?
The euphoniums and trombones, playing
A taste of sixties music

Everyone knows chips taste better out of a newspaper cone. I don’t know if it was that, or the amazing cooking skills of our resident ‘Chip King’, but they were certainly delicious!

Elvin is frying chips in 2 small chip fryers. There is a tray of chips by the side.
The best chips I’ve tasted in a long time! Cooked to perfection by our resident chip specialist, these chips were served in good old fashioned newspaper cones, as they should be!

Here Gwyn, dressed as a Cub Scout, and Rachel help to serve. Gwyn’s dedication to this costume won him a prize; it even includes a genuine badge that he wore in the sixties, when he was still in the Cubs.

A photo of the whole band. You can see MD, John Grinnell at the front, conducting.
Cawthorne Brass Band – sixties style

And to finish, no sixties party would be complete without Black Forest Gateaux

Nigel is wearing a stripy shirt and holding 2 bowls of Black Forest Gateaux
Nigel serving Black Forest Gateaux, a typical sixties dessert.

After all the music was finished, and all the delicious food eaten, there was just time to draw the raffle, and mark the quiz sheets. A wonderful evening. I hope our audience had as much fun as we did in the band!

The raffle prizes laid out on a table, featuring LPs, 60s sweets, Babycham, Old Spice, a knitted toilet roll cover, and more
The amazing 60s themed raffle