Scarborough Day Trip

At the end of May, Cawthorne Brass Band and friends had a wonderful day out to Scarborough. It was really lovely to go out together on a coach trip to the seaside. Everyone had a lovely time at the beach, where ice cream and fish and chips were consumed, and at least one sandcastle was made. And of course, it wouldn’t be Scarborough without a donkey ride!

For the afternoon we moved on to the hidden gem that is The Scarborough Fair Collection. If you have never been, we all thoroughly recommend it. We had such a wonderful time looking at vehicles from years gone by, and riding on Fairground Rides dating back to 1893!

There was also an impressive collection of Mechanical Organs dating from the 1900s to 1984, and not just one, but two Wurlitzers!

After Scarborough Fair, we headed back to home on the coach, via a fantastic carvery in Wakefield.

An event that should definitely be repeated!